Artist of the Corridor: Exhibiting Local Art


Current ExhibitionRusty Clevenger; Artist of the Corridor; 3rd Grade; Wizard of Oz

The City of Urbana invites you to view the latest Artist of the Corridor exhibition titled "The Characters of Wizard of Oz", Dr. Preson L. Williams Jr. 3rd Grade by Rusty Clevenger. This exhibition is on view until July 3 at the Urbana City Building (400 S. Vine Street) and The Urbana Free Library (210 W. Green Street).

Each year at Dr. Preston L. Williams Jr. Elementary School students participate in an Annual Third Grade Fashion Show.  Art teacher Rusty Clevenger guides each third grade student to create his or her own unique costume based on a yearly theme, and this year the theme was The Wonderful Characters of Oz.  The 3rd Students looked at multiple forms of representation of the characters of L. Frank Baum’s original story The Wonderful Wizard of Oz. By critiquing the original illustrations of W. W. Denslow, students became familiar with the origins of the characters. Students analyzed the colorful 1939 American classic film The Wizard of Oz and compared and contrasted the characters to William F. Brown’s Super Soul Musical The Wiz.

Students selected one character from the The Wonderful Wizard of Oz to represent in their own costume design.  Students chose to either design a hat or a mask to represent one of the following characters: Dorothy, Scarecrow, Tin Man, Lion, Toto, Munchkins, Flying Monkey, Twister, Glinda, Elphaba, or Wizard of Oz. Students sketched four designs of potential hats or masks that would represent their character. Students selected one design to construct a final costume piece.

With help from Dance and Drama Teacher Lane Gjerde students created movements and poses that connect to the character they chose to represent with their costume piece.  During the Annual 3rd Grade Fashion Show Assembly each student strutted down the runway in his or her creation and struck a pose in front of the entire student body, faculty, and families transforming themselves into a new identity.  As the crowd cheered they continued to strike additional poses activating their creation further.



Artist of the Corridor, an initiative by the City of Urbana Public Arts Program, is an exhibition series that features local art in the City Building and The Urbana Free Library. All Artist of the Corridor shows are free and open to the public.

Artist of the Corridor was created by the City of Urbana in March 2010 to feature artworks by local artists in the lobby of the City Building at 400 S. Vine Street. Since then, the exhibition, which changes every of three months, has expanded to Urbana Free Library as well. A part of the Urbana Public Arts Program, this initiative works to create a city where all residents engage with the arts in its many forms and where artists thrive and are valued.

Previous artists of the corridor include Rachel Storm, Judy Lee, Peggy Flavin, Travis Hocutt, Ellie Pinzarrone, Beth Darling, Jason Patterson, Steve Kostell, Urbana's Market at the Square, William Lawrence Deverell, Urbana Land Arts, Judy Jones, Wiley Elementary Students, Rosalind Faiman Weinberg, Will Arnold, Bonnie Switzer, Kathryn Fitzgerald, Cheri Manrique, Hua Nian, Phil Strang, Michael Fuerst, Betsem Atiback Benjamin, Lyosha, Meredith Foster and Sandra Batzli, and Carol Farnum.

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