Artist of the Corridor: Exhibiting Local Art

Lori Fuller ArtCurrent Exhibition

The City of Urbana invites you to view the latest Artist of the Corridor exhibition titled 39: A Journey of Inspiration, featuring landscape paintings and drawings by Lori Fuller. This exhibition is on view until March 3 at the Urbana City Building (400 S. Vine Street) and The Urbana Free Library (210 W. Green Street).

Lori Fuller's artworks depict the skies, creeks, mountains, and waterfalls found along scenic trails of the natural landscape. She travels to many locations, looking for places that sustain her attention. Lori's artwork conveys the ecstatic experience she has when she pauses and opens her eyes to the wonder that exists around us. She finds great inspiration in the everyday display of the natural world; the textures of the rocks, moving water, the sun shining through the trees, the mysterious shadows that linger on the ground and an unforeseen color palette.


Artist of the Corridor, an initiative by the City of Urbana Public Arts Program, is an exhibition series that features local art in the City Building and The Urbana Free Library. All Artist of the Corridor shows are free and open to the public.

Artist of the Corridor was created by the City of Urbana in March 2010 to feature artworks by local artists in the lobby of the City Building at 400 S. Vine Street. Since then, the exhibition, which changes every of three months, has expanded to Urbana Free Library as well. A part of the Urbana Public Arts Program, this initiative works to create a city where all residents engage with the arts in its many forms and where artists thrive and are valued.

Previous artists of the corridor include Rachel Storm, Judy Lee, Peggy Flavin, Travis Hocutt, Ellie Pinzarrone, Beth Darling, Jason Patterson, Steve Kostell, Urbana's Market at the Square, William Lawrence Deverell, Urbana Land Arts, Judy Jones, Wiley Elementary Students, Rosalind Faiman Weinberg, Will Arnold, Bonnie Switzer, Kathryn Fitzgerald, Cheri Manrique, Hua Nian, Phil Strang, Michael Fuerst, Betsem Atiback Benjamin, Lyosha, Meredith Foster and Sandra Batzli, and Carol Farnum.

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