Urbana Directory

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Name Staff Position Department Board/Commissions Membership Contact Board/Commission
Barb Stiehl
Assistant to the Director
Public Works Traffic Commission blstiehl@urbanaillinois.us
(217) 384-2342
Christopher Stohr
Mayor's Neighborhood Safety Task Force, Plan Commission
Rachel Storm
Public Arts Coordinator
Community Development Services Public Arts Commission rlstorm@urbanaillinois.us
(217) 328-8265
Andrew Stumpf
Sustainability Advisory Commission
Shandra Summerville
IDOT Traffic Stop Data Task Force
Jon Surma
Tax Increment Financing Joint Review Board
Justin Swinford
Civil Engineer II
Public Works jmswinford@urbanaillinois.us
(217) 384-2343
Paul Testa
IDOT Traffic Stop Data Task Force
Katalyna E. Thomas
Human Relations Commission (HRC)
Tristan Thomas
Fire Department tlthomas@urbanaillinois.us
(217) 384-2420
Foreign Fire Insurance Board
David Trail
Plan Commission
Linda Trevena
Computer Systems Technician
Office of the Mayor lmtrevena@urbanaillinois.us
(217) 384-2353
Carla Tucker
Computer Systems Programmer
Office of the Mayor cntucker@urbanaillinois.us
(217) 384-2352
Daniel Turner
Plan Commission
Nancy Uchtmann
(217) 384-7875
Zoning Board of Appeals
Andrew Wadsworth
C-U Cable and Telecommunications Commission, Urbana Public Television Commission
David Wakefield
ARMS Programmer
Office of the Mayor ddwakefield@urbanaillinois.us
(217) 384-2359
Stephen Wald
Sustainability Advisory Commission
Michael Walker
Tax Increment Financing Joint Review Board
Clyde Walker
Mayor's Neighborhood Safety Task Force
Karen Walker
C-U Cable and Telecommunications Commission
Kathleen Wallig
Mayor's Neighborhood Safety Task Force
Dan Walsh
ARMS Policy Board
Charles Warmbrunn
Zoning Board of Appeals
Carl Webber
Building Safety Code Board of Appeals