Urbana Directory

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Name Staff Position Department Board/Commissions Membership Contact Board/Commission
Carol Bradford
Human Relations Commission (HRC)
Kate Brickman
Public Works Administrative Assistant
Public Works Sustainability Advisory Commission
Tree Commission
(217) 384-2342
Bill Brown
(217) 344-3797
Cunningham Township Board, Urbana Free Library Board
Mike Brunk
City Arborist
Public Works Tree Commission mjbrunk@urbanaillinois.us
(217) 384-2393
DeDe Bucher
Legal Administrative Assistant
Office of the Mayor dmbucher@urbanaillinois.us
(217) 384-2464
Clark Bullard
(217) 337-1097
Boneyard Creekway Commissioner
Randy Burgett
Housing Rehabilitation Coordinator
Community Development Services Community Development Commission rlburgett@urbanaillinois.us
(217) 384-2373
Stacie Burnett
Human Relations Commission (HRC)
Deb Busey
Tax Increment Financing Joint Review Board
Sarah Butler
Parking Enforcement Officer I
Finance srbutler@urbanaillinois.us
(217) 384-2346
Lee Buxton
Foreign Fire Insurance Board
Samuel Byndom
Human Relations Commission (HRC)
Michelle Carr
Police Evidence Clerk
Police Department carrmr@urbanaillinois.us
(217) 384-2320
Michael Cervantes
K9 Officer
Police Department cervanmp@urbanaillinois.us
(217) 384-2320
Andrew Charles
IDOT Traffic Stop Data Task Force
Shinjinee Chattopadhyay
IDOT Traffic Stop Data Task Force
Joanne Chester
(217) 344-5338
Zoning Board of Appeals
Matt Cho
Zoning Board of Appeals, MOR Development Review Board
Celeste Choate
Urbana Free Library Board cchoate@urbanafree.org
Jeff Christensen
ARMS Policy Board
Phyllis Clark
City Clerk
City Clerk's Office Cunningham Township Board pdclark@urbanaillinois.us
(217) 384-2366
Anthony Cobb
ARMS Policy Board
Fred Cobb, Jr.
Community Development Commission
Rhonda Collins
Benefits Coordinator
Office of the Mayor Civil Service Commission rmcollins@urbanaillinois.us
(217) 384-2458
Erica Cooper-Peyton
Public Arts Commission