Urbana Directory

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Name Staff Position Department Board/Commissions Membership Contact Board/Commission
William Kubitz
Building Safety Code Board of Appeals
William Kolschowsky
Economic Development Specialist
Community Development Services wakolschowsky@urbanaillinois.us
(217) 384-2442
Will Kyles
IDOT Traffic Stop Data Task Force
Will Abbott
Traffic Signal Technician
Public Works wlabbott@urbanaillinois.us
(217) 384-2317
Wendy Hundley
Administrative Assistant I
City Clerk's Office wmhundley@urbanaillinois.us
(217) 384-2362
W.L. Jackson Bird
Tree Commission
Vivian Petrotte
Building Safety Administrative Assistant
Community Development Services Property Maintenance Code Board of Appeals
Building Safety Code Board of Appeals
(217) 384-2443
Virginia Patterson
Community Alternative Policing (UCAP) Advisory Committee
Vince Gustafson
Public Facilities Supervisor
Public Works vhgustafson@urbanaillinois.us
(217) 384-2318
Vicki Mayes
Tax Increment Financing Joint Review Board
Vacellia Clark
Human Resources Manager
Office of the Mayor Civil Service Commission hro@urbanaillinois.us
(217) 384-2458
Vacellia Clark
Human Relations Officer
Office of the Mayor Human Relations Commission (HRC)
Civilian Police Review Board (CPRB)
(217) 384-2466
Tyler Fitch
Plan Commission
Tristan Thomas
Fire Department tlthomas@urbanaillinois.us
(217) 384-2420
Foreign Fire Insurance Board
Trent Shepard
(217) 344-2822
Historic Preservation Commission
Traci E. Nally
Civil Service Commission
Tony Weck
FOIA Specialist
Police Department acweck@urbanaillinois.us
(217) 384-2455
Tony Arnold
Fleet Manager
Public Works tjarnold@urbanaillinois.us
(217) 384-2342
Tom Betz
Civil Service Commission
Todd Rusk
Sustainability Advisory Commission
Tim Mecum
Electrical Inspector
Community Development Services tgmecum@urbanaillinois.us
(217) 384-2434
Thomas Grimes
Mayor's Neighborhood Safety Task Force
Thomas Costello
Tax Increment Financing Joint Review Board
Theresa Michelson
Mayor's Neighborhood Safety Task Force
Theresa Hoffman
Account Clerk I
Finance tlhoffman@urbanaillinois.us
(217) 384-2448