Urbana Staff Directory

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Name Staff Position Department Board/Commissions Membership Contact Board/Commission
Cassandra Heldman
Police Administrative Assistant
Police Department Community Alternative Policing (UCAP) Advisory Committee heldmacl@urbanaillinois.us
(217) 384-2334
Will Abbott
Traffic Signal Technician
Public Works wlabbott@urbanaillinois.us
(217) 384-2317
Teri Andel
Planning Administrative Assistant
Community Development Services Design Review Board
MOR Development Review Board
Plan Commission
Zoning Board of Appeals
Historic Preservation Commission
Boneyard Creekway Commissioner
(217) 384-2440
Jason Arrasmith
Environmental Control Officer
Public Works jlarrasmith@urbanaillinois.us
(217) 384-2416
Mark Ashby
(217) 384-2420
Firemen's Pension Board
LeAnn Augustus
Legal Administrative Assistant
Office of the Mayor lraugustus@urbanaillinois.us
(217) 384-6276
Clay Baier
Fire Inspector
Fire Department crbaier@urbanaillinois.us
(217) 333-8667
Jane Billman
Plan Commission
J. Patrick Bolger
Building Inspector
Community Development Services jpbolger@urbanaillinois.us
(217) 384-2430
James Bradley
Civil Engineering Technician I
Public Works jgbradley@urbanaillinois.us
(217) 384-2342
Michael T Braun
Community Development Commission
Kate Brickman
Public Works Administrative Assistant
Public Works Sustainability Advisory Commission klbrickmanlevy@urbanaillinois.us
(217) 384-2342
Mike Brunk
City Arborist
Public Works Tree Commission mjbrunk@urbanaillinois.us
(217) 384-2393
Gary Burgett
Property Maintenance Code Board of Appeals
Randy Burgett
Housing Rehabilitation Coordinator
Community Development Services Community Development Commission rlburgett@urbanaillinois.us
(217) 384-2373
Lee Buxton
Foreign Fire Insurance Board
Michelle Carr
Police Evidence Technician
Police Department carrmr@urbanaillinois.us
(217) 384-2320
Michael Cervantes
K9 Officer
Police Department cervanmp@urbanaillinois.us
(217) 384-2320
Rhonda Collins
Benefits Coordinator
Office of the Mayor Civil Service Commission rmcollins@urbanaillinois.us
(217) 384-2458
Leonardo Covis
Bicycle & Pedestrian Advisory Commission
Leslie Cross
Public Works Administrative Assistant
Public Works Bicycle & Pedestrian Advisory Commission
Tree Commission
(217) 384-2342
Kelly Cundiff
Web Documents Coordinator
Office of the Mayor kmcundiff@urbanaillinois.us
(217) 384-2305
Craig Dilley
Fire Department cmdilley@urbanaillinois.us
(217) 384-2420
Foreign Fire Insurance Board
Phillip Edwards
Fire Marshal
Fire Department pwedwards@urbanaillinois.us
(217) 384-2445
Nancy Esarey Ouedraogo
Design Review Board