Urbana Public Television Announces Launch of New Website Featuring Live Streaming and On-Demand Video

Urbana Public Television has launched a new website, http://urbanapublictelevision.yolasite.com/, that now enables anyone with internet capability to access UPTV’s live signal 24/7, as well as a number of local public-access productions on-demand.

“For the first time, anyone who is online can watch every City of Urbana meeting live as they happen, whether or not they are cable TV subscribers, from wherever they are” said UPTV Station Manager Jake Schumacher. “Our role is to allow our community to share and discuss local issues and events of significance, and the new website helps us to better fulfill that role. It also increases the geographic scope of how we define our community--grandparents who live elsewhere, for instance, can watch Urbana High sporting events and participate in our local community from afar.”

Production Coordinator Jason Liggett added, “The way the medium is moving, it is important to offer video online and on-demand.” The live-stream and videos are also available through any mobile device, which UPTV staff pointed out as the most significant area of development for television viewing.

Since 1995, Urbana Public Television has provided the Urbana-Champaign area with locally-produced programs on local community issues and events, as well as Urbana’s weekly City Council meetings, and all the meetings of Urbana Commissions, the Urbana School District Board of Education, the Champaign County Board, UC2B, and the Urbana Park District. UPTV also provides free access to video equipment and training for area residents to produce their own programs that air on the station. The schedule is rounded out with informational programs, such as the daily morning news show “Democracy Now!” and documentaries from LinkTV and Deutsche Welle, and programs of interest from other public-access stations around the country, including midnight movies on Wednesday and Saturday nights.

UPTV was one six access television stations nationwide to be selected as beta-testers for the Denver, Colorado-based Open Media Project, and the new Drupal-based website, administered by Liggett, grew out of that experience. The website provides an easy way for any member of the public to find out what’s on the station when, and what’s available to watch on demand. UPTV membership is now also available online at the website for citizens with an interest in producing video and learning video production and editing. The website also provides members with new capabilities and convenience, including the ability for members to upload video directly to UPTV for broadcast, to blog, and to put together or join crews working on community video projects. “Our goal, which the new website will help us continue to work toward, is to build an interactive local broadcasting community,” said Liggett.

For additional information, contact UPTV at the new website, at 217-384-2452, or at uptv@urbanaillinois.us.

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Created on: Thursday, September 13, 2012 - 12:45
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