Public Works Projects

Project Project Status Estimated Completion Estimated Cost Contact Reference
North Lincoln Avenue Project In Progress November, 2017 $3,600,000
2017 Brick Sidewalk Repair Project Complete July, 2017 $110,000 Ben Holzhausen, Brad Bennett
2017 Sewer Lining Project Not Started November, 2017 $200,000 Justin Swinford, Adam Shaw, Beth Reinke
Annual Pavement Marking Project Pending August, 2017 $75,000 Jacob McCoy, Craig Shonkwiler
2017 Full Depth Concrete Patching Project Pending August, 2017 $120,000 James Bradley, Jacob McCoy, Craig Shonkwiler
Annual Surface Seal Street Maintenance Project Pending October, 2017 $80,000 Craig Shonkwiler, Jacob McCoy, David F. Jayme
North Lincoln Avenue Resurfacing Project Pending November, 2017 $1,200,000 James Bradley, Jacob McCoy, Craig Shonkwiler
2017 Concrete Sidewalk Repair Project In Progress August, 2017 $80,000 Adam Shaw, Brad Bennett
Illinois, Gregory and Oregon Streetlight Improvements Pending October, 2017 $518,681 Bill Gray, Mike Perkins
Olympian Drive Project Complete June, 2016 $7,100,000 Bill Gray
2016 Storm Sewer Cleaning and Televising In Progress September, 2017 $120,000 Justin Swinford, Beth Reinke
Airport Road West Reconstruction Project In Progress May, 2018 $2,223,395 Craig Shonkwiler
MCORE Project 1 - Green St from Wright St to Busey Ave In Progress April, 2019 $8,878,600 Bill Gray, Craig Shonkwiler, Antonio Sanchez
Crystal Lake Sediment Removal Project In Progress December, 2017 $477,000 Brad Bennett
2016-2018 Miscellaneous Sewer Repair Project In Progress April, 2018 $625,000 Justin Swinford, Adam Shaw
2016 Hot Mix Asphalt Resurfacing Project Complete November, 2016 $596,000 Jacob McCoy, Craig Shonkwiler, Antonio Sanchez
2016 Full Depth Concrete Patching - Part 2 Complete November, 2016 $241,000 David F. Jayme, Jacob McCoy, Craig Shonkwiler
2016 Oil & Chip Street Maintenance Project Complete October, 2016 $184,275 Craig Shonkwiler, David F. Jayme, James Bradley
Windsor Road Pavement Reconstruction Project Postponed $4,064,796 Craig Shonkwiler, Antonio Sanchez