Emergency Grant Program (City of Urbana)

The Emergency Grant Program is available to very low-income homeowners for repair of health or safety items.  Emergency grant funds are available only if the repair is immediately needed to mitigate a hazardous condition which poses a threat to the health and safety of the occupant.  This may include repair or replacement of defective mechanical, electrical or plumbing systems, building components, and surfaces.

Eligibility requirements:

  • You must own and have lived in the home to be repaired for a minimum of one year; Trust Deed and Contract Purchases are allowed.
  • Your home must be within Urbana city limits.
  • You must have property insurance.
  • Your household income may not exceed 50 percent of the area median family income.

Maximum funding through the Emergency Grant Program is $5,000 per household.

The Urbana Grants Management Division will accept applications throughout the year subject to funding availability. Call (217) 384-2447 for more information.

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