1002 S. Race St. Urbana High School

Project Overview

Architect: Royer and Smith, Kratz, & Strong Year Built: 1914 Architectural Style: Jacobean


Architectural Description

1002 S. Race is home to the Urbana Senior High School which was built in 1914 in the Jacobean architectural style. The building was designed by Joseph Royer. Royer also designed many other public schools around the state of Illinois, some of which look similar to the Urbana Senior High School. The Arcola Township High School is most similar to the Urbana High School. The Urbana High School is constructed of red brick with limestone details. The overall composition of the Urbana High School is symmetrical and is divided into five bays. The main entrance is located in the central bay, which is distinguished by two towers which are the highest points of the building. The majority of the building is three stories and the central bay is four stories. Some common features of Jacobean architecture are multi-curved Flemish gables, one of which can be seen at the very top of the central bay, and Tudor arches. The main entrance is below a limestone Tudor arch and the windows on the central bay are Tudor arched windows. The rest of the roof of the High School is a flat parapet roof. There are also tall, thin, two-light casement windows which are separated by stone mullions on the two towers, which are characteristic windows of Jacobean architecture. The corners of the building, including the corners of the towers, are accented with limestone quoins. There is a horizontal row of limestone roundels above the third story windows. The two middle bays have horizontal rows of rectangular windows. The rows of windows are outlined with limestone. The two end bays do not have any windows but have a multi-curved Flemish gable in the center of the bay and horizontal bands of limestone along the façade. The monumentality of the Urbana Senior High school and the attention to detail of the Jacobean architectural style make the building unique to the city of Urbana.
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