108 N. Weber Ave.

Project Overview

Architect: Unknown         Year Built: c. 1850       Architectural Style: Gothic Revival


Architectural Description

108 N. Weber is a small Gothic Revival cottage that was built in the mid-1850s. The house consists of two steeply pitched cross gable roofs, the larger of which is the most dominant. The house has a symmetrical form. The most distinguishable detail of this house is the ornately carved verge board, or decorative trim below the cornice of the gable. In this case the verge board is painted green. The smaller gable has a classical cornice with a wide band of trim along the triangular portion of the gable. The majority of the house is covered in pale yellow horizontal wood siding. Vertical pieces of trim accent the corners of the house. The windows are tall, thin double-hung windows. The double-hung window below the large gable is a pointed arch and has a triangular pediment above. Many of the windows have a simple classical surround. The house has two one-story side porches which have flat roofs. The porches are enclosed with ornate wooden screens which are decoratively carved and are painted orange and blue. The house is significant due to its age and integrity of architectural style. 108 N. Weber is the only Gothic Revival house surviving in the Urbana area from the 1850’s.
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