1306 S Carle

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Architect: Unknown         Year Built: c. 1927       Architectural Style: English Dometstic


Architectural Description

Built in 1927, 1306 S. Carle is an elegant English Domestic style home. The wall surface is comprised of irregularly coursed tan cut stone with a rough surface, giving the house a very medieval feel. The front façade of the two-story house has three steeply pitched gables protruding from the roof, which is covered in multi-colored shingles. The house has a romantic, asymmetrical façade. Most of the windows are multi-paned casement windows with limestone sills and vertically placed stone lintels. There are two dormer windows inset into the hip roof on the south side of the house and two dormer windows inset into the gable roof on the north side. The entry of the house is recessed below a rounded stone arch. A large stone chimney grows from in between two gables on the main facade. With all of these picturesque features, the house resembles a grandiose English cottage.

Historical Description

 In 1930, First Lieutenant Mathew Wales Busey III, son of Simeon Harrison and Artimesia (Jones) Busey, purchased lot in 7 in Van Doren's Addition to build 1306 S. Carle Ave., in Urbana. Simeon, his brother Colonel Samuel T., and Dr. W. R. Earhart began present day Busey Bank in 1868. Mathew, born on the family farm (December 7, 1854), known as the "University Farm" in 1932, entered the family business as a bookkeeper in 1875. In 1877, Mathew purchased Earhart's share in the bank. In 1888, Samuel sold his share to Mathew and he became president. On December 19, 1932, Busey died in his home at the age of 78. His second wife Maude White resided at 1306 until 1936.

The Westall's and Prehn's lived in 1306 S. Carle Ave. from 1936 to 1938. Both families were entrepreneurial - the Westall's owned Westall Grocery and Prehn co-owned Prehn and Babcock, and Prehn's Confectionery. On December 31, 1929, Alyene Elizabeth Westall (U of I, BA, 1927) married Paul Henry Prehn at her sorority house, the Alpha Gamma Delta House. On December 15, 1936, they became the parents of Paul Prehn, Jr., born at Burnham City Hospital. On October 21, 1921, Prehn opened Prehn's Confectionery, 601 E. Green. In August 1941, Prehn closes the restaurant known to U of I students, faculty, and staff as "Prehn's-on-Green." The Summer ofl928, Prehn opens Prehn and Babcock Confectionery, 1117 W. Oregon, with L. Donnelly Babcock. Babcock worked as a delivery boy at Prehn's first store and married Prehn's sister Effie. The Babcock's lived above the confectionery. In July of 1944, Prehn's leased "Prehn's-on-Oregon" to George Mintz of Chicago. Under Mintz's ownership, "Prehn's-on-Oregon" became "The Flamingo" and later "Dinty Moore's." Prehn was also a U of I wrestling coach. In her later life, Alyene taught high school chemistry, biology, and French, and after remarrying, became a promotional agent for Bernie Wingler. Alyene is known for her genealogy work on the Westall famly. Through her work, she established lineage with Merriwether Lewis, secretary to President Jefferson and leader of the Lewis and Clark Expedition, and Fielding Lewis, husband of Elizabeth Washington, brother-in-law to George Washington. Alyene passed away December 24, 2002 at age 101 in California.

In 1938, art professor, 6 years into his career Cecil V. Donovan and his wife Blanche became the new owners of 1306 S. Carle Ave., continuing the legacy of "Who's Who" of Urbana to inhabit the house. For 43 years, Prof. Donovan, taught almost every course offered in the art department. In 1934, he organized a small exhibition on campus. In 1948, the exhibition evolved into "The Exhibition of Contemporary American Paintings and Sculpture." Prof. Donovan wrote the catalogue as a collector's keepsake of biographical data of the artists. The catalogue became the instrument of attracting national attention, in particular the attention of Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Krannert. Thus, Krannert Art Museum began, Prof. Donovan serving as its first director until 1965 when he retired. Prof. Donovan was an acclaimed abstract artist, painting oval paintings of Grecian islands, many of which on display in his home. On August 3, 1982, Blanche passed away in Santa Barbara, CA.

A year after Prof. Donovan's retirement, in 1966, Kenneth L. Rinehart, chemistry professor, and his wife Marilyn, purchased 1306. Prof. Rinehart was born March 17, 1929, in Chillicothe, MO. He earned a bachelor's degree in chemistry in 1950 from Yale University and a doctorate in chemistry in 1954 from the University of California at Berkeley. Rinehart joined the faculty as an instructor in organic chemistry in 1954. Prof. Rinehart was internationally known for his research on organic compounds involved in biological activity. Rinehart's research led to the development of a procedure involving mutasynthesis to prepare new antibiotics. In 1990, Rinehart isolated several extracts produced naturally by sea squirts that showed promise as anti-cancer agents. One of the extracts, ecteinasciden, has worked safely and effectively in animal studies and through three stages of human clinical trials against soft-tissue sarcomas and lung, breast, and ovarian cancers. In his laboratory, Rinehart isolated the substance known as ET-743. The University licensed the rights to the compound to PharmaMar SA of Spain for production purposes. He retired in August 2000 and passed away June 13, 2005 at the age of 76. Marilyn remains at the property.

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