1802 Pleasant Circle

Project Overview

Architect: Jack Baker and John Replinger         Year Built: 1957       Architectural Style: Contemporary


Architectural Description

1802 S. Pleasant is a contemporary house designed by Jack Baker and John Replinger in 1957. While shaped like a typical mid-century ranch house, Baker used classic Prairie-style elements, including the wide, overhanging roof eaves, horizontal bands of casement windows divided by thick wooden mullions, and a picturesque entrance sequence with rounded stairs leading up to the entry, to create a contemporary and lively design. The low-pitched gable roof along with the long, thin, rectangular form and brown vertical wood siding emphasizes the horizontal plane. The main floor overhangs the stone foundation. An overhanging car port extends perpendicularly off the house, giving the house an L-shaped plan. Finally, a tall chimney protrudes from the roof.

Historical Description

1802 S. Pleasant was designed by Jack Baker and John Replinger, both UIUC faculty for Alfred W. Allen, a professor of Ceramics Engineering. The current residents are Jana Mason and her husband Richard Andersron. Mason taught in the education department at UIUC and  is an artist. Anderson is a nationally recognized scholar of children's literacy studies. Mason is also part of the Artisans 10-Plus collective with Dottie Replinger, the widow of the original architect John Replinger.
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