212 W. High St.

Project Overview

Architect: Unknown         Year Built: 1850       Architectural Style: Italianate


Architectural Description

212 W. High, known as the Carlson Residence, is a simple, red brick, Italianate house built in 1850. The house has a two-toned brick pattern and has subtle brick detailing at the corners and where the foundation meets the wall. 212 W. High has a simple one-story wrap-around porch with square classical fluted columns of the Doric order. The porch balustrade consists of simple square posts. The porch foundation is constructed of brick and has a stone cap. The main entrance is very simple and there is a transom window above the door. The house has a low-pitched cross-gable roof with a very simple cornice. The windows on the house are tall, thin, double-hung windows. The windows have simple brick lintels with a large white keystone. The house has a tall, thin, brick exterior chimney. Overall, the Carlson Residence is a very simple example of an Italianate style house with minimal detailing.

Historical Description

Salmon C. Briggs occupied this house in the early 70's and Mrs. August Briggs was still an occupant in the 1920s. Mr. Briggs had been an engineer with the Big Four RR and could justly boast that "he had never been in an accident in his life." Mrs. Briggs had china painting and other artist supplies for sale at her home and friends recall her fondness for china painting. Also they remembered her peacock when it was alive and afterward it was stuffed and on display; also they recall the ever ready smelling salts that were to be found on the table. Grace Briggs, the daughter, was a teacher who lived here from 1893 to 1900. In 1961 this structure had been converted into apartments.
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