304 S Race St.

Project Overview

Architect: W. W. Maxwell         Year Built: 1926       Architectural Style: Late Gothic Revival


Architectural Description

304 S. Race is a Late Gothic Revival church built in 1926 by architect W.W. Maxwell. The church is the forth home for the First United Methodist Church of Urbana, the oldest continuously operating church in Champaign County. The church was built with limestone at a massive scale and towers over everything around it. The main feature of the church is the large square tower which is accented at the four corners by thick buttresses and has crenellations along the top. The tower has large pointed arched windows with intricate muntins. The church has a t-shaped plan, and the tower is located in the crook of the T. The nave of the church has a steeply pitched gable roof parapet on each end. The west façade of the church has a massive pointed arch stained glass tracery window. The facades of the church are divided into bays by buttresses. The wall articulation of window, buttress, window, buttress makes up the symmetrical facades. The winodws between the buttresses are large pointed arch tracery windows with stained glass. There are square windows below the large tracery windows on each façade. Several of the windows have the characteristic Gothic label molding above the window. The main entrances to the church are large wooden doors which sit below pointed arched openings. The church has a substantial presence in the neighborhood and is a beautiful example of Late Gothic Revival architecture.
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