307 W. Oregon St.

Project Overview

Architect: Unknown         Year Built: 1875       Architectural Style: Greek Revival


Architectural Description

307 W. Oregon is a unique house which combines Greek Revival and Italianate architectural styles. The house has horizontal wood siding which is painted pale blue. The windows have paired green shutters on either side of six pane over six pane double-hung windows. The overall form of the house, which is known as a “gable-front box” and the spindled porch with decorative frieze and brackets are some of the Italianate influences. The overall form of “gable front and wing,” where the side wing is lower than the gable, the double-hung windows, the cornice line emphasized by a discontinuous simple, wide, divided band of trim representing the classical pediment, the low-pitched gable roof, and the narrow line of transom and sidelights around the main entry door are all examples of the Greek Revival influences. If the house were designed fully in typical Greek Revival style, the porch would be completely different and would replace the spindled columns and brackets with classical columns. However, the amalgamation of the two styles presents a noteworthy house.
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