506 W. Main St.

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Architect: Unknown         Year Built: 1892       Architectural Style: Queen Anne


Architectural Description

506 W. Main is a grand Queen Anne style house built in 1892 as the Marriot residence. Overall, the house is asymmetrically arranged and is very large, ornate, and brightly colored. The wall surface of Queen Anne houses is always very intricate. Some wall surfaces of 506 W. Main are covered in wood shingles, mostly painted purple. Differing wall textures is a common feature of Queen Anne which attempts to provide random changes in the horizontal continuity of the wall plane. The house has horizontal wood siding which is painted blue. The trim around the windows is painted red and green banding accents the edges, corners, cornices, and level divisions of the house. Some other details on the house are painted cream such as the porch brackets and the round windows near the tower. The tower is the tallest element on the house. Square towers are actually the least common form of towers in Queen Anne houses, but towers are a common feature nonetheless. The most interesting windows of this house are found on the tower. Round dormer windows topped with a small gambrel roof are found on all four sides of the tower roof. A Palladian window can be seen on the front facade of the tower, which consists of one large center window flanked by two smaller windows of the same shape. The majority of the windows on the rest of the house are simple double-hung windows with blank window panes. Some other window shapes are found scattered around the house including a half-circle window on the west façade and a pair of circular windows under the main gable roof. All of the windows and doors have simple surrounds. The Marriot house has a grand, one-story porch that wraps around two sides of the house. The porch supports are ornate spindles which have decorative brackets supporting the porch roof. The porch balustrade is actually a solid panel, with green trim surrounding a cream panel in the center. Thin vertical posts make up the simple latticework below the porch. There is also a second story porch on the east side of the house. Like all Queen Anne houses, 506 W. Main has a complex roof line and an irregularly shaped steeply-pitched roof. There are multiple intersecting gables, with one dominant front-facing gable. A pent roof encloses the triangular portion of the main gable, which is a common feature of Queen Anne houses.

Historical Description

Franklin Marriott bought the property from Col. Samuel Busey, who formerly pastured horses in the area. The property had been In the Busey family, well-known In the Champaign-Urbana region, since 1831. Marriott's home was completed in 1893, and remained in the family through 1927, during which time several second story additions were erected on the north side (back) of the house, and the stables were converted to a garage. Franklin and Lydia Marriott's daughter, Jennie, was married in the house in 1904, Lydia Marriott was sole owner after her husband's death in 1915. The house was vacant during 1927, after Lydia's death, when the property and home was willed to granddaughter Marion Baker Goble. She retained the deed, while renting the home out on a short-term basis through 1944, when the deed was transferred to Lawrence and Edna McCarthy, managers of Davis Superior Bakery in Urbana. They only stayed a year, selling the house to Enos Phillips in 1945, a lawyer with Henry I. Green Law Offices. In 1950 the deed was transferred to William E. Dillavou of Dillavou & Bard (retailers of Westinghouse appliances, GMC trucks, and Massye-Harris Farm Machinery). Richard Dewey purchased the property from Dillavou in 1957, and lived there a year as he worked for the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign as an associate professor. The next time the residence saw a long-term owner was in 1958, when Francis and Hermenia Kruidenier bought the home in which they would raise their family for 30 years. Mrs. Kruidenier sold the house to the Madonicks in the spring of 1992, who rented out a portion of it as a student apartment.
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