510 W. Main St.

Project Overview

Architect: Unknown         Year Built: 1892       Architectural Style: Queen Anne


Architectural Description

510 W. Main is an elaborate Queen Anne style house built in 1892 as the Louis A. Wahl Residence. The Wahl residence is similar to its Main Street Queen Anne neighbors, including 506 and 508 W Main, with its asymmetrical composition and complex roof line. 510 W. Main was built at a grand scale and has many intricate details. The overall form of the house has a complex roof line with two intersecting steeply sloped gable roofs with a square tower placed in the nook of the cross gables. The wall surface of the house, like many Queen Anne homes, is broken up using several different techniques. The horizontal wood siding is painted blue and the staggered wood shingles are painted bright yellow. The cornice of the square tower is decorated with white trim and blue brackets. The rest of the house has a cornice accented with white trim and the various corners and levels of the house are also accented with white trim. The Wahl residence has a two-story cantilevered wall extension projecting from the front façade of the second and third stories. The wall extension has exposed rafters below. The small triangle at the top of the gable on the main facade protrudes farther out from the rest of the gable below it, which is actually protruding out farther than the wall below it, creating a staggering, three dimensional wall surface effect. Compared to its neighbors, the entry porch is smaller, yet just as elegant. The entry porch is supported by decorative spindles and fan patterned brackets. The balustrade is also made of spindles. The Wahl residence has a variety of window types in many sizes. There are large, small, and medium sized casement windows, squat multi-paned double-hung windows, and a variety of groups of windows. Many of the windows have stained glass present in the upper sashes.
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