600 E. University Ave.

Project Overview

Architect: Royer and Hilton         Year Built: 1939       Architectural Style: Art Deco


Architectural and Historical Description

600 E. University is an Art Deco building that was designed by architect S. Milton Eichberg and built in 1939 under the direction of the Works Projects Administration. Many armories in the area were based off of Eichberg's desighn. Joseph Royer was commissioned to customize the building plans and to supervise construction. The building is the home of the Illinois National Guard. The armory building is breathtaking and is constructed all of cream colored limestone. The building is a very restrained version of Art Deco and has very simple detailing. The large building has a rectangular footprint and much of the building has a flat roof lined with coping. A portion of the building is only one story while the rest of the building is two stories. The building is mostly symmetrical. The main entrance to the building is marked by a three story low-pitched gable parapet which hides a metal gable roof. The parapet is articulated with triangular multi-paned casement windows which are separated by large Art Deco-inspired limestone piers that protrude past the roof line. Subtle detailing emphasizes the horizontality of the building including thin recessed grooves and a protruding limestone water table. The main entry is flanked by two large piers with intricate stone eagles perched on top. Most of the windows on the building are rectangular multi-paned casement windows which have black steel window frames. The building has a massive presence, which suits the needs of the Illinois National Guard.
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