706 S. Coler Ave.

Project Overview

Architect: Unknown         Year Built: c. 1927       Architectural Style: Georgian Revival Influence


Architectural Description

706 S. Coler is a Georgian Revival apartment building that was built around 1927. The building is four stories and is constructed of red brick. The building has a rectangular in footprint and a flat roof.  There is a limestone water table, a limestone string course, and a limestone foundation that wrap around the building. There are several limestone diamond decorations on the façade. There are very subtle brick details on the façade, including vertical rows of brick quoins which divide the façade into bays and a row of soldier course bricks below the third story windows. The windows on 706 S. Coler are typical Georgian Revival windows; they are multi-paned double hung windows with white trim. Several of the windows are grouped into twos and threes and some stand alone. Intricately carved white wood window boxes sit below several of the windows. This simple apartment building is typical of Georgian Revival.
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