711 W. Washington St.

Project Overview

Architect: Unknown         Year Built: c. 1914       Architectural Style: Arts and Crafts


Architectural Description

711 W. Washington is an Arts and Crafts style bungalow that was built circa 1914. The walls of the house are clad with rough textured cream colored stucco. Many of the details of the house are constructed of wood and are painted red to accent the cream colored stucco. For example, some half-timber detailing can be found below the large gable on the main façade. The main entrance is perpendicular to the street and the composition of the house is asymmetrical. The main façade of the house has two overlapping gable roofs. One of the gables houses a large brick chimney. The cornices of the gables are accented with a simple verge board which is painted red and have large overhanging eaves. Rafters are exposed below the cornice. The rafters are supported with plain square stick brackets. The house has a one-story wrap-around porch. The cornice of the porch roof has exposed rafters. The roof of the porch is supported by simple square posts sitting on large tapered brick columns. The balustrade on the porch consists of simple square wooden posts. Many of the windows are casement windows surround by red wood trim. Some of the windows have decorative plate glass in the top panes. The combination of hand craft and stick decoration make this small bungalow an architectural gem.

Historical Description

This house first appeared on the Sanborn Map of 1915 as did the rest of the houses on the south side of Washington. Houses began appearing on the north side of Washington with the 1923 Sanborn Map. The age of the structure might best be estimated by its appearance in the 1914 Urbana City Directory.
The history of occupancy for this house dates from when it first appeared in the Urbana City Directory in 1914. There were a few long-term residents. Most who lived here were working middle class e.g. insurance agent, policeman, dressmaker, and building maintenance worker. Former Urbana Police Chief Mark W. O’Neill lived here during the late 1940s and early 1950s.
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