CLOSED - Invitation to Bid: Duty Pistol Replacement (1920-39)

Requesting Department: The City of Urbana Police Department
Contact Person: Lt. Jason Norton, Police Range Master
Address: 400 S. Vine St. Urbama, IL 61801
Telephone Number: (217) 384-2358
E-mail Address:

Submission date: June, 25, 2020    2:00 P.M. CST

The City of Urbana Police Department is seeking bids for the purchase of pistols, holsters and weapons-mounted lights to replace the current inventory. The Urbana Police Department also would require that the vendor accept the current inventory of pistols as trade for fair market value. The Department requests that Urbana Police officers be given a reasonable opportunity to purchase their specific pistols back from the vendor for what the vendor paid the department plus any paper work fee. The Department will require 30 days from the time the new pistols and accessories arrive to facilitate a changeover. The Department will then deliver the old inventory to the vendor. Vendors must submit a complete bid to the Urbana Police Department by 2:00 PM June 25, 2020.

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