CLOSED- Request for Email Quote: Grants Management Software Solution

The Urbana Grants Management Division is seeking email quotes for the following;

Grants Management software to manage Federal, State, and local grants. Desired programming includes the following:

Cloud Based software that meets approval of the Information Technology Department.

Grant Management to include accepting, reviewing, and scoring grant applications.

Ability to process draw requests from vendors and applicants.

Provide accomplishment reports and data to be migrated to HUD’s Integrated Disbursement Information System (IDIS).

Case Management to allow applicants to enter and upload supporting documentation, track household demographic information, and conduct file audit reviews.

Manage Construction and Rehabilitation projects including ability to input onsite property inspection, generate work write-ups and bid documentations, and process draw requests from contractors.

Administer Public Service and Public Facility projects such as online application for grantees, ability to upload supporting documentation, and scoring based on City priorities.

The software must have the ability to allow applicants to review assistance or grant application status.

The deadline for quotes is 12/23/2020 at 5:00 p.m.

Quotes must be sent electronically to Grants Management at

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