MOR Development Review Board

The MOR Development Review Board oversees new construction in the Mixed Office Residential District (MOR) on Green and Elm Streets. Any development project in the MOR corridor that does not include adaptive re-use of the existing structure is subject to approval of the DRB. When a new building or use is proposed in the MOR, the applicant must present his or her design to the DRB to determine if it is compatible with adjacent uses and meets the Design Guidelines for the MOR District.

The DRB is composed of several different members including: a member of the Plan Commission, the Historic Preservation Commission, an architect, a resident in the MOR, a resident near the MOR, a developer, and a small business owner.

Meetings shall be held as needed, except the Board shall hold at least one meeting per calendar year. This annual meeting will be held on the second Thursday following the first City Council meeting in January.

MOR Development Review Forms

Agendas, minutes, and attachments for older meetings can be found in the archives: Archive of Agendas and Minutes


Board/Commission Members

Board/Commission Staff

Staff Member Contact
Teri Andel - Planning Administrative Assistant
(217) 384-2440
Kevin Garcia - Planner II
(217) 328-8269
Lorrie Pearson - Planning Manager/Zoning Administrator
(217) 384-2440
Marcus Ricci - Planner II
(217) 328-8283

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