Reserving Parking Meters (Meter Bags)

Upon application approval, parking meters can be rented for the purpose of temporarily reserving meter spaces as a convenience during periods of unusual loading/unloading activities, repairs, remodeling and other like activities. A bag stating reserved parking is placed over the meter head(s).


  • $17.00 per meter per day with 24 hour notice.
  • $22.00 per meter for the first day and $17.00 per meter for each additional day if less than 24 hour notice.
  • Meters bagged through a weekend are charged for Saturday. Specific Sunday rentals are also charged for Saturday

To reserve a meter bag:

  • Obtain the meter number(s) you want to rent.
  • If the meter is a double-headed meter you must rent both spaces.
  • The Agreement to Reserve Meter Parking form can be filled out online and saved to your computer using Adobe Acrobat, then attached to an email to the contact listed below.
  • Or download, print, read, complete and sign the form and fax it to the Meter Maintenance Office at (217) 384-2304. (Submitting the form is not a guarantee that the meter(s) requested are available for bagging.)
  • Meter Maintenance will contact you to confirm the rental.

Meter Bagging Questions

If you have questions about bagging meters, email or call (217) 384-2346. 


Advanced payment is required. After receiving confirmation that the meters are available, make payment directly to:

City of Urbana Finance Dept.
400 S. Vine St.
Urbana, IL 61801
(217) 384-2346.

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