Urbana Keeps Moving Forward

Busy Downtown UrbanaThe City of Urbana is moving forward with increased development. 

Summary of facts for the past year

Listed are some of the business developments that are currently in progress or have been completed in the past year:

  • Permits: Over 70 permits issued in past year
  • Fees: $470,000 in building permit fees
  • Cost: Over $35M in Hard Construction Costs Under Construction Major Current Projects in varying stages Under Construction
  • Retreat at Urbana-126 Unit Townhomes
  • JX Truck Facility-$3M Truck Facility on North Cunningham
  • Culvers on University Avenue 
  • El Progresso-soon to be under construction
  • 200 Vine Townhomes-42 townhomes
  • Gather- mixed-use, with 218 residential units and 31 extended-stay 
  • Union Gardens-406 Units
  • Mixed-use property at 1007-1001 West University Avenue–76 units
  • Landmark Hotel Proposal-complete and transformative renovation proposal

Other facts about Urbana projects: 

  • Demolition is underway for the 200 Vine Street and Gather projects
  • A demo of 1301 East Washington Street is just wrapping-up
  • The 200 Vine Street develpoment will be the first new residential construction in Downtown Urbana since 2006
  • Gather will complete the southern quadrant of the Gateway Intersection to the University of Illinois as well as to Carle Foundation Hospital
  • The Retreat at the northest corner of this intersection is under construction-the demolition at 1301 is a first step in the redevelopment of a prime neighborhood commercial site that has been in the City’s possession since 2008
  • El Progresso food store is the first new retail construction on North Cunningham Avenue since Hickory River (north of Five Points) was built in 2001
  • If the project moves forward, the renovation of the Urbana Landmark Hotel would result in at least a $16.8MM project, the largest investment this property has seen in over 35 years
  • In the last two weeks, over $3.5MM in construction work was completed on projects at Carle Foundation Hospital, Plastic Container Corporation, UHAUL, and Stone Creek Church


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