May is CU Bike Month

Date: May 31, 2019 - 12:00pm


Established in 1956, National Bike Month is a chance to showcase the many benefits of bicycling — and encourage more folks to giving biking a try. The Champaign-Urbana community will be celebrating its tenth annual Bike Month in May 2019. Special events for bicyclists will occur throughout the month. Whether you are a keen bicyclist, or are interested to start your first biking tour, it is a great opportunity to explore our community on bikes and meet people sharing the same passion. We hope you can join us this year and enjoy your biking!


We’ve put together highlights of National Bike Month here in CU on the calendar. A complete list of activities is still going on, check out our CU Bike Month 2019 website and like our Facebook page.​​

Bike to Work Day is usually cited as the flagship event during Bike Month, which begins May 3 from 7 to 10 a.m. Participants are encouraged to commute by bike, and stop by at one of our Welcome Stations for free tune-ups, snacks and souvenirs. This year we will have stations in and around campus. Sign up here for Bike to Work day.

Youth bike education is a key to increase bicycling numbers and safety in the future. Bike to School Day is an ideal occasion to encourage your children to get on their bikes and enjoy the fun of biking to school. Bike rodeos during this month are great youth biking education events, and great family time learning some basic bicycling skills. ​

Bike Month is also a time for all kinds of Group Rides - from 3- to 5-miles trips exploring C-U parks, trails, taverns, and ice cream shops, to up to 25-miles unforgettable night rides pedaling on lightly traveled roads illuminated by the full moon. We also ride on Mother's day, on every worship day, on graduation day. We celebrate every special occasion in this month by riding! For examples from last year, click here.

You can also find free bike maintenance and bike sales during this month, which is an excellent opportunity to gear up for a month's ride. The days in May grow longer, spring is in full bloom and flowery fragrances dance on the breeze. Whatever you plan to do in this month, why not spice it up with some bicycling!

​CU BIKE MONTH 2019 IS ORGANIZED BY MEMBERS OF THESE ORGANIZATIONS: CU Safe Routes to School Project | Champaign County Bikes | Champaign County Regional Planning Commission | City of Champaign | City of Urbana | Village of Savoy | CU Public Health District | Urbana Park District | Champaign Park District | CU Mass Transit District | University of Illinois | The Bike Project

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