Fire Prevention For Kids

Smokey bear logoHere are some great websites that include games, puzzles and more!

Make sure you get your parents permission before you go to any of these sites.  This site teaches you how to be prepared for disasters and prevent disaster damage. US Fire Administration site for kids also agreat resource for parents and teachers.  Only you can prevent forest fires. Fire Safety for kids, parents, and teachers. Fire Safety activities for Kids 

Sparky logo  Sparky's own website with activities for kids. Facts and tips for families to be prepared in the event that there is an emergency in the home. - Safe Kids works with an extensive network of more than 600 coalitions in the United States and partners with organizations in 23 countries around the world to reduce injuries from motor vehicles, sports, drownings, falls, burns, poisonings and more.






As a service we have offered many links to other sites on the Internet. We cannot be responsible for the content or availability of these other sites.  The Urbana Fire Department will not post links to websites soliciting business.


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