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In January 2011, the Urbana Police Department subscribed to, a third-party software vendor that displays department crime data on Google maps. Essentially, the website populates its maps with all of the data that is released via the department’s standard press releases (which go out approximately twice a day).


In December 2019 transitioned to, by Motorola Solutions. Many aspects are the same and there are also some new features to include a specific Urbana Police page that connects users to the Urbana PD Twitter/Facebook pages, contact information, and link to submit tips via City Protect or Crimestoppers.


We encourage the public to look around and experiment with the website. You can view it when you want to know about crime or crime trends around the city. You can also set up email alerts on a daily, weekly, or monthly plan. Clearly, it is a way to become a knowledgeable member of the community when it comes to crime that has been reported to the police. Click City Protect User Tips for tips on how to use City Protect effectively.


(Please note the department reserves the right to withhold certain reports for a variety of reasons, including those cases which might have their investigations compromised due to publicity. In addition, traffic crash reports are not illustrated.)


To get more information about UPD including links to our Twitter & Facebook pages either click View Agency Page highlighted in blue on the left side of the page or go directly to it with:

Crime Map

*At this time we are not utilizing the City Protect webpage for filing reports or camera registration.   Electronic reports can still be submitted at

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