Crime Maps

Crimes occur in nearly every part of the City of Urbana each year. The Urbana Police Department analyzes crimes in several different ways, one of which is geographic mapping. Crime mapping may show trends or help to identify a suspect. This web page illustrates two types of crime mapping efforts.

The first effort is a link to an interactive web service known as The second uses maps to show the number of police reports taken in a specific area of the City during a calendar year.

In January 2011, the Urbana Police Department subscribed to, a third party software vendor that displays department crime data on Google maps. Essentially, the website populates its maps with all of the data that is released via the department’s standard press releases (which go out approximately every 8 hours).

To access the website, simply click on the icon below.

For a helpful guide on using, click on the user guide.

We encourage the public to look around and experiment with the website. You can view it when you want to know about crime or crime trends around the city. You can also set up email alerts on a daily, weekly, or monthly plan based on geographic parameters you set. Clearly, it is a way to become a knowledgeable member of the community when it comes to crime that has been reported to the police.

(Please note the website will host the 6 most recent months worth of crime data. Also note the department reserves the right to withhold certain reports for a variety of reasons, including those cases which might have their investigations compromised due to publicity. In addition, traffic crash reports are not illustrated.)

Annual Crime Maps

The annual crime maps depict the numbers of crimes occurring in individual areas. The City is divided into approximately 200 areas known as “geo-codes”. The number printed inside each of these geo-codes is the number of crimes that occurred in that area in the calendar year.

The only crimes shown on this map were crimes that were violations of State of Illinois statutes. These numbers DO NOT include traffic offenses, accidents, City ordinance violations or service calls.
They do not include the crimes which occurred in the area outside the City limits of Urbana or were reported to the Champaign County Sheriff’s Office inside the City. The Sheriff’s Office is primarily responsible for County property inside the City of Urbana such as the Courthouse, Jails, County Nursing Home, etc. You would have to contact the Sheriff for his Department’s data.
However, the map includes crime reports taken by the University of Illinois Police inside the city limits of Urbana. Those crimes are represented by the italicized numbers in each geo-code and center primarily around the University campus area.

As a part of the on-going community policing effort at the Urbana Police Department, this map is produced to keep citizens informed of the crime that is occurring in their neighborhoods. More detailed information can be obtained under certain circumstances.

If you would like a further breakdown of these figures, please contact the Urbana Police Department at 384-2320. A Crime Statistics Request Form will need to be completed for detailed requests. More detailed requests will be dealt with on a first come first serve basis and, given the complexity and detail required, may take a significant amount of time.

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