Arbor Division starts its Fall Planting

The City of Urbana Arbor Division received a delivery of trees for fall planting today at the Urbana Public Works department.

This division provides certain services for the maintenance and planting of trees and green spaces and for operation of a county-wide landscape recycling center.

Major Activities of the Arbor Division

  • Operates the Landscape Recycling Center (L.R.C.)
  • Provide certain services for City owned trees and plant resources such as planting, watering, pest control, clearance trimming, and nuisance abatement
  • Provide technical information concerning the management of trees and plant resources and ordinance enforcement to the public, news media, and at public relations meetings and events
  • Provide design and project implementation assistance for environmental improvement projects including City owned mini-parks, entryway corridors, right-of-way streetscapes, facilities and parking lots
  • Manage landscape maintenance for all City owned facilities, parks, designated parkways and medians, parking lots, and green space projects
  • Maintain, in a groom quality appearance, 5 acres of lawn grass adjacent to city facilities, parking lots and various street medians

For information on the emrgency care of trees, go here.

For information on how to avoid tree damage during construction, go here.

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Created on: Friday, October 19, 2018 - 16:20
- Author: BridgetB