Hotel Royer Renovation Moving Along As Planned


The City of Urbana is pleased to announce that the renovation and development of Hotel Royer has made considerable progress. 

We’re moving forward and meeting our time frame,” Joseph Prior, Corporate Director of Operations and Development for Marquis Ventures, said. 

Marquis Ventures is the development company that is handling the renovation for the boutique hotel that will be part of the Hilton Tapestry Collection, which has boutique hotels all over the world. 

Soon, Urbana will be one of those worldwide locations. 

“Yes, progress is happening, even with the pandemic that has greatly affected materials’ being readily available and higher price-points, not to mention the lack of manpower,” Prior said from the west side of the building, that was replete with building materials-like the cedar panels that have just been replaced this past week. 

Prior will oversee and implement all the operation procedures to meet and exceed Hilton brand standards when Hotel Royer opens. He said he has been immersing himself in Urbana to get a feel for what the community is like, understand the culture and integrate it to our product. Prior envisions Hotel Royer being a destination, as well as a place to stay when visiting the area. He also wants Hotel Royer to retain its original 1923 historical integrity. 

“We took nine months-like a baby-to go over high quality materials that would be suitable for a hotel of this magnitude,” Prior said. “I always surround myself with experts in the hotel renovation field. Yes, things are going well.”


Last modified:Wednesday, September 22, 2021 - 17:06
- Author: BridgetB