City Building and Property Maintenance Inspections


A Notice from the City of Urbana Community Development Services, March 18, 2020

To whom it may concern,

This is an update on the current status of building and property maintenance inspections required by the City of Urbana:

Systematic Inspections: At this time the City of Urbana has suspended all non-essential inspections. These inspections include but are not limited to systematic inspections and reinspections.

Reinspections: Property owners and managers will be given a one month extension for correction of routine maintenance violations previously noted in any notice of violation letter issued by the City.

Complaint Inspections: The City will continue to respond to tenant complaints that may impact the imminent health or livability of the tenant(s). However, response to complaints regarding routine maintenance items may be delayed. Regardless, if a complaint is filed an inspector will contact the complainant to determine the urgency of inspection and/or to schedule an inspection.

Permit Inspections: Permit inspections will be at the discretion of the respective inspector. Please continue to contact our office as normal and the inspector will determine how the inspection will be completed (i.e. in person, video conference, or photograph) to allow your project to move forward.

Building Inspector: Nick Hanson, (217) 384-2430,

Plumbing/Mechanical Inspector: Corey Ireland, (217) 384-2435,

Electrical Inspector: Jamie Lance, (217) 384-2434,

Code Compliance Inspector II: Michael Frank, (217) 328-8266,

Code Compliance Inspector II: Tom Dwyer, (217) 384-2436,

Code Compliance Inspector I: Jason Arrasmith, (217) 384-2416,

Once we are able, an inspector will reach out to you to reschedule any previously scheduled inspection(s).
Thank you for your understanding. Please contact our office if you have any questions.

Best Regards,

Nicholas P. Hanson
Building Inspector II
(217) 384-2443

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