Resume and Interviewing Help

Your Application

  • Be sure to fully complete the application. Do not answer questions with "See resume"--we will consider this to be an incomplete answer and will not be able to give your application full consideration.

  • Carefully note the closing date and time of the position. Times are posted for Central Standard Time (CST). Once the position closes, we will not be able to accept your application.

  • Check your spelling and grammar!

  • If a question asks you to explain your past experience, be sure to completely answer the question as clearly and precisely as possible. The hiring manager won't be able to determine your level of experience if your answer is vague or unclear.

  • Save your work often! You will be automatically logged out of your applicant account after 30 minutes from the last time you saved your information.

Your Resume

  • Unless specified in the job announcement, you do not need to submit a separate resume. However, you are welcomed to submit one and may either copy and paste your resume as text directly into your application or upload it as a separate attachment.

  • Use a standard font style and size that is easy to read. Highly stylized fonts may look attractive from a design perspective butcan be difficult to read.

Your Interview

Interviews are usually conducted with a panel that includes representatives from Human Resources, Human Relations, and the hiring department.

Ahead of time

  • Review the job description and prepare to answer how your education and/or experience has prepared you for this position.

  • Review past projects and experiences you’ve had, such as projects that you are especially proud of or that didn’t turn out as you had planned. You will likely be asked about these.

  • Think of other questions that the interview panel may ask. Local libraries and the Illinois workNet Center (1307 N. Mattis Avenue, Champaign) may offer helpful books, flyers and Internet access for further research. Our Helpful Links page has some ideas where you can start.

  • Review your resume; if any changes have occurred since you submitted your resume, print out new copies and bring them with you to the interview.

The Day of the Interview

  • You may find it helpful to print out your interview invitation that provides the address of the interview location, your interview time, and other instructions.

  • Be sure to bring any materials you may need, such as copies of your updated resume or any materials you have been requested to bring (such as copies of licenses).

  • Allow yourself extra time to arrive at the interview.

  • Be on time! We advise arriving for your interview at least 10-15 minutes ahead of time. If you are late to your interview, we may not be able to give you full consideration.

  • Parking: If you are interviewing at the Urbana City Building (400 S. Vine St.), metered parking is available on the north side of the building (off of Green Street) in Lot 22; look for the sign noting "Public Parking" with an arrow. If you are interviewing at the Public Works Building (706 S. Glover), you may park in the main parking lot in the spaces designated for visitor parking.

  • Typically, we allot time at the end of each interview for you to ask questions, and we encourage you to do so! However, due to time contraints, we ask that you limit your questions to no more than three. If you have additional questions (or think of more later), you are welcomed to contact the Assistant Human Resources Manager at:


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Created on: Monday, October 19, 2009 - 14:47
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