Landscape Recycling Center Set for Partial Re-Opening Monday April 6

Date: April 6, 2020 - 8:00am



Landscape Recycling Center Set for Partial Re-Opening Monday April 6

The Landscape Recycling Center will partially re-open with hours of 8:00 AM to 3PM Monday through Friday starting on Monday April 6 with significant changes to sales procedures to mitigate the spread of the COVID-19 virus. The Landscape Recycling Center closed temporarily to install new equipment and establish new procedures as part of the community’s COVID-19 response. As an essential service, the Landscape Recycling Center is now prepared to re-open for the usual range of disposal services and product sales described on our website

The Landscape Recycling Center will not be open Saturdays until further notice to accommodate limited staffing capacities. The reduced hours and days of retail operation will allow staff time to sanitize the facility regularly and to arrange delivery orders.

Until further notice, customers must adhere to the following procedures:

• Only credit card payments and commercial charge accounts will be accepted. Cash and check will not be accepted until further notice to mitigate the spread of COVID-19. A pre-paid cash card is acceptable provided it does not require a personal identification number (PIN).
• Remain in vehicle until instructed to approach ticket booth.
• Delivery orders will not be taken at the Landscape Recycling Center ticket booth or by phone. Delivery orders must utilize the Delivery Order Form and be sent by email or post.
• The bucket program is suspended to maintain social distancing. Customers must bring their own containers or vehicles to load product.
• Practice social distancing during unloading and loading of material on LRC premises

Failure of customers to abide by the new procedures may result in refusal of service to individuals or further restrictions on Landscape Recycling Center services.

Customers are also encouraged to consider delivery of Landscape Recycling Center products. As a special accommodation for the COVID-19 response, the Landscape Recycling Center is reducing the minimum order size for deliveries to each zone as described on the order form. Customers should download and fill out the delivery order form from and then submit the form by post or to Landscape Recycling Center staff will call to take credit card payment by phone and arrange delivery.

Patience is requested as we exercise these new procedures for the first time.

Curbside leaf collection will proceed as scheduled on Ucycle collections days the week of April 20.

Questions or concerns may be directed to Kevin Sanderson at (217) 384-2303

Click below for the Landscape Recycling Center delivery form. 

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