Available Properties, Traffic Counts and Market Data

Available Properties

Please contact the Economic Development Division at 217-384-2444 for assistance in finding a building or site. Staff are happy to compile a custom list of properties that may fit your needs. You can also search for properties at the following sites:

Search for Urbana Commercial Properties on Loopnet.com

Please note that you may not be able to view all available properties unless you have an account. If you would like more detailed search results, please contact the Economic Development Division at 217-384-2444 to request a property search.

Traffic Counts

For up-to-date traffic count data, please visit the Illinois Department of Transportation's interactive map of average daily traffic counts.

Market Data

Through Location One we are able to offer demographic reports for specific buildings or sites, the City of Urbana or Champaign County at no charge.  Demographic reports for the City of Urbana and Champaign County are listed below and can be downloaded as PDFs.

Please see the instructions in the PDF below on how to generate an ESRI Demographic Report for a specific building or site. If your building or site is not currently in the Location One database, please contact the Economic Development Division for assistance in creating a demographic and market report specific to your site.

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