Construction & Staging Information - 2018 Full Depth Concrete Patching - Part 2

Bid Results: Bids were opened on September 28, 2018.  The tabulation of bids are available for download below.

Contractor: The low bidder was Feutz Contractors, Inc, 1120 N Main St., Paris, IL

Current Status:  In Progress

% Complete: 100% as of 10-31-18

Staging Sequence:


Work is scheduled to begin Tuesday October 16, 2018 on Springfield Avenue, please see the Project Updates page for more information. 

Two-Way traffic will be maintained on Springfield Avenue, Goodwin Avenue, and Anderson Street at all times with a minimum of one-lane two-way traffic.

Entrances and driveways will be out of service on an "As-Needed" basis for a maximum of 1 day if proposed work interferes with access.

Pedestrian sidewalks will be maintained and redirected on an "As-Needed" basis.

Impacts to Traffic:

All roadway construction is expected to be completed by December 31, 2018.

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