Dockless Bikes are Here!!

On Two Wheels!

Yes, you literally can pick-up one of these turquoise bicycles and be on your way. When you’re where you want to be, you just leave the bike for someone else to use.

It’s literally that simple.

A little history on the name

There have been docked bikeshare systems in place for a while now. People pick-up bikes from a dock at a bikeshare station and return them to another dock at the end of their trip. It sounds simple, but there are a few complications that can arise, like empty or full stations that need rebalanced at peak travel times so a good mix of bikes are available at all of the “stations.” That created frustrated cyclists who couldn’t get where they need to be.

The new dockless bikeshare program in Urbana called VeoRide completely alleviates all of that, and has been successful all across the United States.

Here’s how simple it is to ride a dockless bike: First, on your smartphone, download the VeoRide app. Next, find a bike, which is easy. You can either just spot a bike and start the process or locate one of these GPS-equipped bikes with the app. Next, unlock the bike’s self-contained wheel lock by scanning a QR code with your smartphone. The ride will cost you 50 cents for every 15 minutes. Once you are at your destination, you park the bike in any bike rack, push down the button on the lock to end your trip and secure the bike. Then, the app shows you how far you went on the bike, how much it cost to ride, and other information, like how many calories you burned on your journey.

Now, what if there are no bike racks available to park the bike, or they are all full? Well, check the app for designated parking areas. You may also park on sidewalks, leaving enough space so people can still get by. Also, do not block doors or handicap ramps. Plus, you may park anywhere a car can park for free. Places to absolutely avoid parking are: in the way of or near traffic, in a crosswalk, sidewalk, near a fire hydrant, outdoor furniture other than secure sidewalk benches, driveways and private property. These three-speed bikes are a convenient way to travel. We hope you enjoy them!

To view Bikeshare Program Frequently asked Questions, click here : Bikeshare_FAQ.pdf.

The City of Urbana approved an updated Bicycle Master Plan in December 2016. The final plan can be viewed and downloaded here.

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Created on: Tuesday, September 25, 2018 - 15:34
- Author: BridgetB