Dr. Holly Rosencranz and Warren Lavey Donate $10,000

Warren Lavey, DR. Holly Rosencranz and Mayor Diane Wolfe MarlinThe City of Urbana Public Works Department Arbor Division has accepted a donation for $10,000 to plant trees in Urbana.

Mayor Diane Wolfe Marlin said, "Planting trees brings joy to your heart. It's a better investment than the stock market."

“Dr. Holly Rosencranz and Warren Lavey are sponsoring a $10,000 contribution for the planting of 80 street trees in Urbana,” Mike Brunk, the Urbana City Arborist, said “This wonderfully green contribution supports our entire fall tree planting. They also combined efforts with Urbana Rotary and sponsored another 85 trees earlier this spring.”

Of the 303 trees planted in 2018, Rosencranz and Lavey were involved in the sponsorship of 165 trees. Brunk said the trees planted are evenly distributed across town, so the entire City can enjoy the new trees. He also pointed out that there are great benefits to the local ecosphere because of the donations of Rosencranz and Lavey.

“These generously donated trees will give greenhouse gas benefits of alleviating around 4,328 pounds of CO2. Also, these trees will absorb 12,561.92 gallons of water, and save our air of 17 pounds of additional pollutants,” Brunk said.

"We feel it's something tangible and permanent to planting trees. It's giving back in such a special way," Rosencranz said.

Lavey thanked the Arbor Division for their hard work and Mayor Marlin for her leadership.

Urbana’s tree inventory represents one of the most diverse urban forests in the Midwest. Urbana values all of its trees not only as environmental and aesthetic treasures, but also as part of its history. The city takes great pride in being the first Illinois community to receive the Tree City USA designation in 1976, the program’s inaugural year, for work completed in 1975. So caring for trees is a top priority. And that care is why Urbana has maintained the Tree City USA distinction every year since — one of only 16 cities nationwide (of the 41 charter members) to do so.

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Created on: Friday, October 26, 2018 - 18:39
- Author: BridgetB