Carle Park "Run" Featured on Visit Champaign County Website

Carle Park RunVisit Champaign County staff member, Terri Reifsteck, makes weekly runs in various wonderful areas of Urbana-Champaign.


This week, she chose the Carle Park Run: Start out at the corner of Garfield and Indiana Avenues sign by Carle Park in Urbana.

The directions for this run are here: Go west and turn left on South Orchard Street. Run for one block and turn right on West Michigan Avenue. Go west until you hit Lincoln Avenue and turn right. Then, turn right back onto Indiana Avenue and jog until you get back to the Garfield and Indiana sign. You have completed a perfect mile!

Reifsteck took the opportunity to look at our wonderful trees, the locally historical neighborhoods, the Lincoln Avenue campus area, historical monuments in Carle park, as well as Urbana High School, built in 1914. For more Tuesday Trails with Terri, go here.

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