The Day After Tomorrow: A local Look at Climate Change with Scott Tess

Listen to The Day After Tomorrow: A local Look at Climate Change with Scott Tess

The Youth Climate Justice forum presents this podcast series in which they will be trying to find ways for all of us to continue to work for climate justice during and after the coronavirus crisis. Jasmine and Grace interview Scott Tess, a sustainability and resilience officer at City of Urbana, Illinois.

The Youth Climate Justice Forum is a group of students from schools all around the community. They organized the CU Youth Sustainability Summit with the goal to educate our peers on the topic and impact of global climate change, and to engage them in the discussion of possible solutions.

​"We know that our generation will suffer the worst effects of climate change to date, and therefore, it is our responsibility to take action within our community and create change. We have a strong interest in social justice too, and for this reason we believed it was important for our summit to acknowledge that the effects of climate change are not experienced equally within our society - instead it is those without the resources to protect and rebuild their communities who suffer the most. This inspired us to create a sustainability summit for youth to learn about possible solutions in a hands-on, engaging way where they leave feeling educated and empowered."---The Youth Climate Justice Forum

Go here to listen to the podcast. 


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