City Council Meeting September 14, 2020 - 7:00pm

September 14, 2020 - 7:00pm
Meeting Location: 
City Council Chambers
400 South Vine Street
61801 Urbana , IL
PDF icon 09/14/2020 AMENDED AGENDA552.24 KB
PDF icon Public Input Instructions81.19 KB
PDF icon An Ordinance Ratifying Extension of Emergency Order 20-03 Temporarily Suspending the Issuance of Special Event Permits1.42 MB
PDF icon An Ordinance Ratifying Emergency Order No. 20-10 Temporary Ban of On-Premises Consumption of Food and Beverage within Specific383.87 KB
PDF icon Resolution Accepting the Local Coronavirus Urgent Remediation Emergency Support (Cure) Program Funding from the State of Il109.23 KB
PDF icon Resolution Approving and Authorizing the Execution of an Urbana Home Consortium Subrecipient Agreement (CCRPC TBRA FY 2020-2021)472.75 KB
PDF icon Resolution Accepting a Census Implementation Grant from the Champaign-Urbana Public Health District188.21 KB
PDF icon Resolution Approving an Intergovernmental Agreement with the Town of Normal to Administer the Assist 2020 Program190.59 KB
PDF icon Resolutions Approving the Emergency Solutions Grants Program Subrecipient Agreement with Cunningham Township and CU at Home 148.6 KB
PDF icon Approval of Consolidated Social Service Fund FY 2020-2021 Allocations140.25 KB
PDF icon Resolution Approving City of Urbana Community Development Block Grant Agreement (Family Service Proj. 2021 CSSP)258.84 KB
PDF icon An Ordinance Revising the Annual Budget Ordinance (Budget Amendment # 2- Omnibus)360.17 KB
PDF icon Ordinance Approving a Major Variance (102 W. Pennsylvania Ave./ ZBA Case No. 2020-MAJ-03) 2.55 MB
PDF icon Resolution Regarding the Future of the School Resource Program Intergovernmental Agreement with Urbana School District 116 76.58 KB
Package icon Zip Packet6.52 MB