Listening Sessions

Change begins with listening, and the success of our community will require collaboration and partnership.

In response to events locally and nationwide and the ensuing discussion on race and justice, the Urbana Police Department is committed to reviewing and updating Police policy, especially with regards to the use of force. As part of the revision, Officers, Police Leadership, and City officials want to hear input from residents. Periodic policy revision is crucial to ensuring consistent, effective, and equitable practices. Public participation is vital to ensuring that the Police provide the services citizens need in the manner they want. 

These Listening Sessions will be a valuable resource towards community building and helping to shape the revision of the Urbana Police Department’s Use of Force Policy.

Listening Sessions will be held via Zoom Webinar. You may join as a Webinar Participant or Telephone Participant.

Webinar Participants Click this link to join the Webinar: You must provide your name and email address in order to join the Webinar. If you wish to speak, “raise your hand” and wait to be called on by the meeting host. Participants will be muted except when they are called on to speak; video will remain off for all members of the public when speaking. You must state your first name and last name for the meeting record.

Telephone Participants Call 312-626-6799. Enter the Webinar ID (879 2488 4783)  followed by the # key. All callers are muted by default. If you wish to speak, “raise your hand” by pressing *9 once. When you are called on by the host or presiding officer you will be un-muted. You must state your first name and last name for the meeting record.

Please continue to submit your suggested changes here:

Videos of the Listening Sessions

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