Use of Force Policy

The Use of Force Policy provides guidelines on the reasonable use of force, both when and how to use it. On a daily basis, officers are involved in numerous and varied interactions and, when warranted, may be required to use reasonable force to carry out their duties. While impossible to foresee all scenarios, the Use of Force Policy provides officers with guiding principles, values, and procedures that help them make use of force decisions that are professional, impartial, and reasonable.

Context counts. No two situations are the same, nor are any two officers. In a potentially threatening situation, an officer will quickly tailor a response and apply force, if necessary. Situational awareness is essential, and officers are trained to judge when a crisis requires the use of force to gain control of a situation. In most cases, time becomes the key variable in determining when an officer chooses to use force.

An officer’s goal is to gain control as soon as possible while protecting the community. Use of force is an officer’s last option — a necessary course of action to restore safety in a community when other practices are ineffective.


The Urbana Police Department Use of Force Policy can be found here. Submit your suggestions for changes to the policy at

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