Urbana Enters Phase 4

Update on Restore Illinois Plan

The Illinois Department of Public Health (IDPH) today announced Region 6, which includes Champaign County, is returning to Phase 4 of the Restore Illinois Plan. Under Phase 4, the following applies:

All Industries

  • All employees who can work from home should continue to do so
  • Continue to wear face covering that covers nose and mouth, maintain social distance of 6 ft., and frequently wash hands
  • Continue employee health screenings upon entry into the workplace and mid-shift screenings for employees with shifts >5 hours (virtual screening permitted)
  • Follow guidelines on capacity limits and group sizes (to be continually reassessed throughout Phase 4)

Restaurants & Bars

  • Indoor dining and drinking now permitted for parties of up to 10 people
  • Seated areas should be arranged so that tables allow for 6 ft. between parties; impermeable barriers may be installed between booths which are less than 6 ft. apart
  • Standing areas (in restaurants or bars) should be limited to no more than 25% of standing area capacity
  • Self-service beverage fountains are permissible with the additional precautions


  • Continue capacity limit of no more than 50% occupancy
  • In-person meetings of up to 50 people with social distancing permitted
  • Continue health screenings, though employers may screen office employees via in-person conversation or questionnaire once at their workstation, or using virtual method


  • Employers should conduct in-person COVID-19 screening of employees upon entry and a mid-shift screening if employee shift is greater than 5 hours
  • Stagger and space shifts, and designate shift entrances and exits (when possible) to minimize interactions of employees across unique shift groupings
  • Workstations should be disinfected between every shift and in between employee handoffs
  • In-person meetings of up to 50 people with social distancing permitted

A full list of Phase 4 guidelines (for all industries) can be found here.

For the latest COVID-19 vaccination information in Champaign County, visit the Champaign-Urbana Public Health District website.

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