Better Homes & Gutters Volume 1

better Homes & Gutters, Volume 1

THE CITY OF URBANA OFFERS A STORMWATER UTILITY FEE CREDIT AND INCENTIVE PROGRAM that encourages on-site stormwater management on private property utilizing green infrastructure and best management practices that can reduce peak stormwater flow rates, total stormwater runoff, and stormwater pollution. Sound interesting? Well, go to our first ever edition of Better Homes & Gutters, Volume 1. This issue is full of solid information on how to get your growing season off to a good start, how to keep our stormwater system in balance as a community, and also how to take advantage of credits and programs to save you money, as well. The next issue of Better Homes & Gutters, Volume 2 will concentrate on Urbana being a place to call home! Expect Volume 2 to be released in or near July, 2021. Go here for more. 

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