Urbana Accessible Parking Signage Fines

The City of Urbana has received calls from businesses stating that persons are selling stickers to change accessible parking fines from $250 to $350 on signs in their parking lots. The City of Urbana has not changed the amount of the fine.

Although the State of Illinois Attorney General’s Office allows municipalities the ability to charge as much as $350 for unauthorized use of an accessible parking space, it must be done by local ordinance. The City of Urbana has not increased its fine for violating the use of accessible parking spaces; the fine remains at $250.

If anyone approaches a business offering to sell the stickers, business owners are encouraged to notify the Urbana Police Department by calling its non-emergency number (217.333.8911).

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Created on: Friday, June 29, 2012 - 16:01
- Author: FemiF