Ameren and Urbana Put Residents On the Cutting Edge of Energy Conservation

The City of Urbana, through an innovative partnership with Ameren Illinois, has helped more than 800 Urbana homeowners get started on the road to energy efficient living.

This means lowering utility bills and improving indoor environment, and, as per Ameren Illinois, reducing the city’s collective carbon footprint by approximately 14,000 metric tons. As per some estimates, this has the same impact as planting 40,000 trees in the City, a task which would have taken many years to complete while costing literally millions of dollars.

The program made the initial step to energy efficiency painless by offering residents free energy audits and free energy savings measures, and motivating many of the participants to invest in more aggressive conservation retrofit measures.

According to Wade Morehead at Ameren, the average air/duct sealing and retrofit will typically pay for itself in just three years in energy savings alone and while “Most customers say initially that they’re investing in these improvements to lower their energy bills, but ask them about it a year later, they rarely mention the savings. Instead they talk about how much more comfortable their homes are now”.

The program touched 855 homes in all with one in five participating homeowner pursuing retrofits through trained Ally contractors. With Ally contractor signs popping up all over the city, the program has boosted the local economy as well.

To learn more about the program and read Ameren's full case study, please see the .pdf document below.

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Created on: Thursday, October 11, 2012 - 11:45
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