Current and Proposed Development Projects

Information on select proposed development projects in Urbana appears below.  As these projects are ongoing, their status and details may change regularly.  For the most current information or for any questions, please contact the Planning Division at (217) 384-2440.


Image of Gather project looking southeast from the corner of University and Lincoln Avenues

With construction slated to begin this winter at the southeast corner of Lincoln and University avenues, the Gather project will include 202 apartments, 30 extended-stay rooms, and 17,500 square feet of lobby, retail and outdoor public areas. Check back periodically for updates as the project moves forward.

Update: July 21, 2020 - Construction Progress

Construction of the extended-stay hotel and attached residences has been proceeding for several weeks, with work on the fourth floor starting today. Foundations for the buildings on the south side of Clark Street have also begun to be laid. Pictures coming soon!


Update: January 13, 2020 - Traffic Plan

There will be a large amount of truck traffic throughout 2020 for the Gather project. For the majority of the construction period, West Clark Street will be closed from North Lincoln Avenue to North Busey Avenue. The closure will encompass the entire Gather Project site and prevent unauthorized entry. This will create a safer work environment and will create an on-site parking area so contractors do not need to park in the surrounding neighborhood.

Urbana has laid out specific truck routes to minimize traffic on the streets around the project. All incoming truck traffic will enter from North Busey Avenue off of West University Avenue. The only traffic allowed to enter the site from Lincoln Avenue must come from the south, and then must head east on University Avenue to Busey Avenue to get to the site. During construction, there are roadway construction projects planned for University Avenue, Green Street, and, potentially, for Lincoln Avenue and Springfield Avenue. For this reason, the Gather site is being kept as compact as possible, and the City will strictly enforce the traffic plan. We encourage people to exercise caution near the Gather site and near all construction areas.

The City of Urbana thanks you in advance for your patience and cooperation during this project. Questions or concerns may be directed to Mr. Adam Shaw, Engineering Technician for the City of Urbana, at (217) 384-2385 or

Gather traffic plan 


Update: January 21, 2020 - Demolition Underway

Demolition on the northern part of the site began last week. The commercial buildings have almost all been demolished.


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