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Urbana is Open

Support Urbana businesses by shopping locally!

Urbana has a strong sense of community, a certain vibrancy, and a unique vibe like no other. Now that we're in Phase 5, Urbana businesses are back!

We're proud that during the COVID-19 pandemic, Urbana businesses have stepped-up and creatively adjusted their practices to reflect safety and service to their customers. You help strengthen Urbana businesses when you shop locally online, with carry-out orders, and safe in-person transactions. Please tip well, too! A strong local economy, coupled with safe business practices, has a positive impact on Urbana and helps to: 

  • Provide a unique Urbana business community
  • Create jobs in Urbana
  • Make Urbana a destination
  • Serve locals with products that they want
  • Create a thriving economy even in the face of a pandemic

These listed Urbana businesses pledged to be safe and utilize healthy practices with Champaign County Safe. By pledging these businesses show their committment to customers' and employees' safety and well-being. Please strengthen Urbana by frequenting restaurants, shops, or other shopping places that have pledged to keep you safe by shopping locally online, by ordering carry-out, or by shopping safely in-person. Ask your favorite businesses to PLEDGE to keep the community safe, if they have not already.


Go here to see all Champaign County businesses that are PLEDGED to keep YOU SAFE! Also, go here to pledge to be a safe business.    


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