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Shop Urbana!

You benefit from experience.

  • At a local store, you are more than three times likely to find something new and interesting.
  • You get the right thing and save time by relying on the expertise of local retailers.

You connect with the community.

  • In places with more local businesses, people have stronger social ties, and participate more in civic affairs.
  • Shopping locally means bumping into friends, enjoying lively streets, and trading neighborhood news with the people behind the counter.
  • Local businesses make communities work.

You strengthen Urbana's economy.

  • Local businesses hire local people.
  • They pay local taxes.
  • They source goods locally.
  • Compared to shopping online, independent retailers create two times as many jobs for the same amount of revenue.*

You help keep the environment green.

  • Even if you drive to the store, you still save shipping, handling and many, many traveled miles for your purchase's transport. That results in less greenhouse gases in the environment.
  • Local and independent trades people are more likely to use repurposed materials by upwards of 60 percent over those hired by big-box companies. **

You cast a vote for the American Dream.

  • Starting a local business is a tried and true pathway to success for the middle class.
  • By supporting local entrepreneurs, you invest in the future that works for all in Urbana.
  • Communities with more small businesses have less income inequality. ***

*"Amazon's Stranglehold," Institute for Local Self-Reliance, Nov. 2016.


***"Wage Inequality and Firm Growth," Holger M. Mueller, et. al., LIS working Paper 632, March 2015.


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Created on: Wednesday, December 5, 2018 - 13:02
- Author: BridgetB